Dog Training and behaviour counselling in the Southern Lake District, Cumbria 
by Examined Animal Behaviour Counsellor and Certified Professional Dog Trainer Ayoe Hoff
 I provide the complete solution for your dog:
  • Based on your dog's natural behaviour and needs.
  • With the use of positive methods based on modern learning theory.
  • Using individually customised therapy based on activation and training
  • Use of clicker training. 

I am an Examined Animal Behaviour Counselor, Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Fear Free Certified Professional.

I offer private training sessions for you and your dog: Puppy training and socialising, loose leash walking, recall, basic obedience (e.g. sit, down, stay), fun tricks etc.

I offer counselling on dog behaviour problems: separation anxiety, house soiling, destructive behaviour, anxiety and fear.

As a Fear Free Certified Professional I offer knowledge and tools for giving your dog a stress- and fear-free experience of home care procedures (e.g. nail maintenance and grooming).

Ayoe Hoff (Outgate, Ambleside)   tel: 07547610004
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